Research on Modern Optics

Research on Modern Optics

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About This Journal

Research on Modern Optics aims to publish original and timely contributions to optical knowledge from educational institutions, government establishments and industrial R&D groups world-wide. The whole field of classical and quantum optics is covered. Papers may deal with the applications of fundamentals of modern optics, considering both experimental and theoretical aspects of contemporary research. In addition to regular papers, there are topical and tutorial reviews, and special issues on highlighted areas.

General topics covered include:

  • Optical and photonic materials (inc. metamaterials)
  • Plasmonics and nanophotonics
  • Quantum optics (inc. quantum information)
  • Optical instrumentation and technology (inc. detectors, metrology, sensors, lasers)
  • Coherence, propagation, polarization and manipulation (classical optics)
  • Scattering and holography (diffractive optics)
  • Optical fibres and optical communications (inc. integrated optics, amplifiers)
  • Vision science and applications
  • Medical and biomedical optics
  • Nonlinear and ultrafast optics (inc. harmonic generation, multiphoton spectroscopy)
  • Imaging and Image processing