Journal of Sensor Networks

Journal of Sensor Networks

ISSN 2160-3545 (print)
2160-3537 (online)

About This Journal

Journal of Sensor Networks focuses on applied research and applications of sensor networks. A large number of important applications depend on sensor networks interfacing with the real world. These applications include medical, military, manufacturing, transportation, safety and environmental planning systems. Many have been difficult to realize because of problems involved with inputting data from sensors directly in to automated systems. Sensor fusion in the context of distributed sensor networks has emerged as the method of choice for resolving these problems.

This journal also acts as a medium for exchanging ideas and thoughts about impacts of sensor networks research. More importantly the goal of this journal is to provide a forum for the publication of important research contributions in developing high performance computing solutions to problems arising from the complexities of these sensor network systems. Articles highlight advances in uses of sensor network systems for solving computational tasks in manufacturing, engineering and environmental systems.

Topics of interest for JDSC include, but are not limited to:

  • Innovative sensing concepts
  • Cell and tissue-based sensors
  • Chemical, biological and physical sensors
  • Sensor networks and systems
  • Sensor system integration
  • Advanced sensing materials
  • Sensor architectures
  • Self-cleaning sensors
  • One-shot disposable sensors
  • Biotoxin sensors
  • Data fusion of sensor arrays
  • Sensor fabrication, packaging, testing and reliability
  • Sensor instrumentation
  • Electronic interfaces and data processing
  • Sensor signal processing electronics
  • Sensor applications and uses
  • Optical, acoustic, mechanical, thermal
  • Electromagnetic, electrochemical and radiation sensors
  • Environmental sensors
  • Fiber optic sensors
  • Sonar sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Analytical 米-systems
  • lab-on-a-chip
  • Sensor neural networks
  • Sensor telemetry
  • Measurement compensation and calibration
  • Electronic-nose sensors
  • Nanosensors
  • Computational and theoretical aspects of sensors
  • Fabrication techniques
  • WSN Node Technologies
  • WSN Communication architecture and protocols
  • WSN control and management
  • Data Management and Middleware of WSN
  • Network performance evaluation and test
  • Application cases in WSN
  • Application cases in Sensor