Journal of Principles of Database Systems

Journal of Principles of Database Systems

ISSN 2160-3669 (print)
2160-3650 (online)

About This Journal

Journal of Principles of Database Systems publishes the new advances in the theoretical foundations of database systems, and provides new theoretical insights in the specification, design, or implementation of data-management systems and tools are called for.

We especially welcome papers addressing such insights in emerging database environments and applications.

Topics of interest for JPDS include, but are not limited to:

  • languages for semi-structured data (e.g. XML and RDF)
  • search query languages (including techniques from information retrieval)
  • distributed and parallel aspects of databases (including cloud computing)
  • dynamic aspects of databases (updates, views, real-time and sensor data
  • approximate query answering, data streams)
  • incompleteness, inconsistency, and uncertainty in databases
  • schema and query extraction
  • data integration; data exchange
  • provenance; workflows
  • metadata management; meta-querying
  • semantic-Web data and ontologies
  • data mining and machine learning techniques for databases
  • constraints (specification, reasoning, mining, constraint databases)
  • privacy and security; Web services
  • model theory, logics, algebras and computational complexity
  • data modeling; data structures and algorithms (physical design and search)
  • design, semantics, and optimization of query and database languages
  • domain-specific databases (multi-media, scientific, spatial, temporal, text)